Rats Pest Control

Rats Pest Control

Rats-The Common, Brown or Sewer Rat are all the same species Rattus norvegicus.

The average Common rat comes in several colours ranging from brown, black and I have even seen tortiseshell on one occasion. They are not as big as some people claim, I have never seen one as large as a cat! In my experience a big one would be 20cm plus tail.

Example of rat damage!

Rats breed all year and can produce litters of up to 11 which is why populations can increase very fast if they are dealt with!

Their favoured foods are cereals however they will eat almost anything and will consume about 30gms of food each day. A very important aspect of rats behaviour is the fact that rats need are very thirsty creatures and need to drink about 60ml per day unlike mice which do not need to drink at all!

rats pest control Rats like to use the same path everyday and leaves trails-like this one on a tree. The black stain running down the truck is a greasy smear from dozens of rats running up and down each day!

I wonder how many rats have run up & down this path!

Rats live in sewers and drains and I have known this to happen for real!rats in toilet bowl

rat droppings

Rat droppings dry out quite quickly so when they glisten the rat is not far away!

So what do you do if you have rats? Well I guess my answer would have to be to call us! I appreciate that probably what you would expect and one of the reasons is that getting rid of rats is not as easy as some people think. We have lots of experience and will probably sort out a problem far quicker and easier than most people would. If you are a business perhaps you should think long term about prevention rather than cure? Give Dan or Rob a call for a free survey and see how Action Pest Control can help reduce the risk of rat infestation at your business 01242 517237.

So if you have an rat (or other pest problem) please do call us on 01242 517237 or click on Action Pest Control. to discuss the most effective solution to your needs, or to make an appointment. No obligation. We really care about what we do and are actually pretty good at it too- please see our referrals!