Mice Pest Control

Some people think mice are just small rats! How wrong they are-Mice are very different not just in size but also in their behaviour. Knowing the difference and how to deal with them is vital as a professional pest controller.

Mice pest control Yes mice can look cute but would you believe that they cause millions of pounds worth of damage in the UK each year. In fact they cause more damage than rats despite being much smaller! This smaller size is possibly part of the reason why they do cause more damage than rats. Sometimes people see a one mouse and think oh thats cute its only one and they don't realise just how fast they can breed! A pair of mice can theorectically produce more than 2000 offspring in a year! Thats a lot of mice! Realistically in the wild that is unlikely to happen however it does demonstrate that the potential for a large mouse infestation to happen quite quickly is true.

Unlike rats mice do not need to drink and can live within a particular commodity even if its dry, for example in a grain store or warehouse. They are extremely agile and I have often found infestations living in ceilings that come down to feed in kitchens and food stores. Being so small they can get through very small gaps-any gap larger than a new 10 pence piece will allow a mouse to get in.

mice foraging

Mice like all rodents will gnaw at hard stuff to keep their teeth at the correct length, this is why they attack electrical and communication cables and one of the reasons why they need to be controlled! Most buildings will have cavities where cables and pipes run through to provide essential services. This is just where mice will like to live and where they can chew your infrastructure.

Signs that you have mice range from actually seeing live animals, droppings and stuff that has been chewed. Mice produce up to 80 droppings a day and are incontinent so they will contaminate all the surfaces they move over.

Control for mice can be traps when there are just a couple to using toxic baits where the population is bigger. Whilst you can attempt mouse control yourself a professional will generally remove the problem much faster and safer and sometimes for less!

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