Wasps Pest Control

Wasps! The most common question I am asked when dealing with Wasps is why are they here? Well surprisingly they do some good! They do a bit of pollination although certainly not as effectively as bees do, as they dont have the furry bodies that collect the pollen on bees. Strangely the other thing they are good at is pest control-early in the summer when the queen is busy laying eggs the workers catch other insects to feed to the wasp grubs (larvae) which then feed the workers a sweet sticky substance in return. This is why when the breeding queens slows down laying eggs in late summer the workers start to forage for sweet foods as a substiute.

Wasps Pest Control

In the UK the three common pest species are:-

Common Wasp (Vespula (Paravespula) vulgaris)
Nests underground and in cavities in trees and buildings.

German Wasp (Vespula (Paravespula) germanica)
Nests underground and in cavities in trees and buildings.

Tree Wasp (Vespula (Dolichovespula) sylvestris)
Nests suspended from the branches of trees or constructed underground.

Wasps never use the same nest twice and this provides them protection from diseases and parasites that can affect bees as each nest has nothing to do with an old one. Sometimes a favorable site may attract wasps year on year-but each nest will be a new construction.

wasps nest photo A nicely tucked away nest right outside someones porch! Interestingly there was an entrance to another nest in the wall cavity just 3 feet to the left-who says one nest stops another!

I am often asked can I treat a wasp nest myself? Well the easy answer is yes-however I would advise caution as its only too easy to get it wrong and be attacked! Remember that a wasp sting for most people is just unpleasant but if you get too close to a nest and get attacked the risk of a serious reaction increases. By employing a professional company like Action Pest Control and you can be sure that the nest will be dealt with quickly effectively and with no danger to you! Plus we guarantee that any nest we treat is dead or we come back for no extra charge.

This year we started using specially designed wasp traps to control wasps. I started to get a few wasps in my conservatory (much to my wife's annoyance) so I established two traps away from the house-result no more wasps in the house all summer. Strangely I had to go to a nearby house the other week that's about a half mile away to deal with a large aggressive nest-I did wonder if they were the ones that had bothered us? The traps we sell are far more effective than jam jars or bottles as we use a special lure.

If you have a wasp nest or want some traps call us 01242 517237