Beetles Pest Control

Beetles (Coleoptera)

Beetles are in fact the largest insect order being over 40% of all named insects! All beetles have a complete metamorphical life cycle-this means that the eggs hatch into larvae which then pupate into the adult beetle. If you look closely at adult beetles you will see that they all have a pair hard wing cases (elytra) usually covering a pair of membranous wings. The word "Coleoptera" is from ancient Greek, meaning "sheath"; and "pteron", meaning "wing", thus "sheathed wing".An easy to see example is of course the lady bird-look closely when one flies and you will see the wing casings open to reveal the wings before they fly.

beetles pest control

With many beetle species it is actually the larvae which causes economic damage although the adults of some species will eat, damage, contaminate foodstuffs, structures and fabrics. As stated before there are a vast number of beetles on this blue planet and not all of them will need us!

In the UK there are about 32 pest species most which would be classed as "Stored Product Insects". These are insect pests that as the name suggest live in and on stored products-for example, herbs, spices, cereals, flour, pet foods etc etc. In small numbers the solution will be finding the food source and removing it and therefore the breeding site.

Some of the beetles we deal with, but not all of them:-

Strawberry Ground Beetle (Harpalus rufipes) generally a "casual intruder that enters buildings looking for shelter

Larder Beetle (Dermestes lardarius) serious pests in industrial and domestic properties particularly in food stores, kitchens around cookers and fridges

carpet beetle pest control

carpet beetle pupae

Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci) serious textile pest the larvae is known as the "woolly bear" which will eat fabrics, carpets, clothing and furs. The adults are harmless and feed on pollen

Biscuit Beetle (Stegobium paniceum) serious pest of cereal products, spices and dried foodstuff. Can eat through food packaging

Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle (Oryzaephilus surinamensis) serious pest of grain but can be found on other dried goods

Rust Red Flour Beetle & Confused Flour Beetle (Tribolium castaneum & Tribolium confusum) serious pests of stored food stuffs including cereals and cereal products

As with all pest control proper identification of the pest is most important as once this is known the biology, behavior and food preferences can all help to deal with the infestation.

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