Bedbugs Pest Control

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularis)

The bed bug is found worlwide and the number of infestations in the UK has increased considerably in the last 7-10 years. They have always been present in the UK and were reasonably under control with out breaks uncommon (at least in rural areas!) It seems that the advent of cheaper travel to exotic locations where they are more common has resulted in them being brought home.

bed bug life cycle

Whilst bed bugs are not known to be frequent carriers of disease their imporance is mostly related to the unpleasant irritation following their bites. Plus of course the "YUK" factor of being eaten by a bug while you are trying to sleep!

bed bugs pest control

Bed bug faecal marks under sockets in a bed room. The bed was right up next to the wall and provided the small space favoured by the bed bugs for their harbourage.

Single bed bug hiding behind a headboard. It is very important that whoever you ask to deal with your bed bugs is thorough-would they have found this one?

With our experience and thoroughness we are very able to deal with bed bug infestations. Our treatments will usually involve non toxic physical removal through dry steam and vacuuming with insecticides being used in the building fabric. For hotels and other premises with paying guests we can provide regular inspections and make use of specially designed bed bug traps. Being proactive in checking for bed bugs on a regular basis can reduce the level of infestation and provides reassurance to your guests.

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