Insect Pest Control

There are over a miilion species of insect in the world! These creatures have managed to exploit a living in almost every environment on the planet. Insects are "Arthropods" which means they have no backbone but have an exoskeleton to give them shape and protect their insides. All adult insects are made up of threee body sections: head, thorax and abdomen and most adult insects have three pairs of legs and quite a few have wings.

anatomy of a pest

Insects have two types of reproduction complete or incomplete metamorphosis.

Complete metamorphosis is easily understood if you think about a butterfly-the adults mate and eggs are laid, the eggs hatch into the larvae, in this case a caterpillar which feeds until it is mature enough to pupate, from where it totally tranforms from the larvae into the adult, in this case the butterfly. All pest moths, flies and beetles have this lifecycle.

Butterfly life cycle

Incomplete metamorphosis is where eggs hatch into what is basically a small version of the adult. Bedbugs and cockroaches both have this lifecycle.

We deal with a variety of insect pests and I have dedicated some pages to the most common