Pigeons Pest Control

Feral pigeons are probably the biggest menace in urban bird control, they can spread disease through their nests, feathers and droppings.

pidgeon pest control

pigeon clean up gear kit When cleaning up pigeon fouling make sure you wear the right kit!

Apart from cleaning up fouling we provide a full range of proofing services and are very proud of our bird proofing skills.

Anti pigeon coverings Avishock being installed in Cheltenham-no pigeons on this building!

anti pigeon building protection Avishock on the ledges-50mm pigeon net protecting the balconies

pigeon netting detering birds Horizontal 50mm pigeon net keeping them form nesting under the canopy

If you have pigeons causing a problem on your property give Dan or Rob a call for a free survey. With our many years experience we can design a soloution to protect you!

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