Bird Proofing Services

There are several methods of keeping unwanted bird pests off your property. It really depends on the species and type of landing site. When dealing pest birds it is important to take note that ALL birds in the UK are protected under law and any work involving them must comply with current legislation.

bird proofing services

Stone coloured vertical net on historic building - technically difficult, pleasing to the eye as its hard to see!

Vertical black net over historic building - again hard to see!

Horizontal net to keep pigeons from a large canopy area

We also supply and fit the new "Avishock" electric bird deterrent which has the benefit of being extremely difficult to see from the ground.

"Avishock" on ledges & top of balconies, with vertical black net protecting the balcony

We are always very happy to carry out a full no obligation survey of your property and advise you on the options available and costs involved.

Please call our surveyor Rob now on 01242 517237 to discuss the most effective solution to your needs, or to make an appointment. No obligation.