Pest Control

What is a pest?

Well the definition I was given when I started in Pest Control in 1986 was "an organism that is detrimental to man or his environment". I still think this is true and here a few examples of what I mean:-

A fly on a pig farm is not reallymuch of a threat to humans (unless in vast numbers). However that same fly doing backstoke in your soup is much more of a direct threat to your health!

Mice living in a wood pile down the garden or in a hedge, not much of a problem. Mice living in your home or business could spread disease and cause expensive damage!

It is very important for us as pest control professionals that we assess the problem and deal with it accordingly and with minimal environmental impact. A good example of this is treating wild bees, for some people the presence of bees is a very frightening experience and all they want is for the bees to die. Legally this is allowed, however in view of the fact that bees are in decline I feel that we have a responsibility to try to educate people and try to maintain them as far as we can.

We also understand that pests of all discription can affect people and places in different ways and we try to be sympathetic to these concerns.

Whatever your pest problem call Action Pest Control, we really care.

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