Winter Rats Pest Control Issues

4th February 2015

Winter Rats Pest Control

Just because it is winter time, it doesn't mean that rats are not a pest and they still need controlling.

Sometimes being able to follow your target is really difficult with hard ground being particularly challenging.

So we welcome snow! As you can see from Mark's photograph this chap is leading us straight to his front door.

There are plenty of reasons to contorl rats:

  • Prevention of economic loss; the cost of damage by rodents is difficult to estimate, but it is huge!
  • Prevention of damage; almost every type of food commodity whether in production, store or use is subject to rodent attack. Damage is also caused to the fabric of buildings, electrical/data cabling and plumbing.
  • Elimination of contamination; in addition to foods consumed, a vast quantity is fouled and contaminated by droppings, urine & hairs.
  • Prevention of loss of goodwill; articles damaged by rodents and fouled by their droppings are unacceptable to the trade & public
  • Prevention of disease; rodents carry a number of diseases injurious to man and domestic livestock.
  • Conforming with the law; it is an offence under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act (1949) to knowingly harbour rodents in any premises. In food premises it is also an offence under the Food Safety Act etc. Under the Health & Safety at Work Act all work places must be kept free of health hazards.
  • Relief from fear; the presence of rodent’s cause’s unnecessary distress and psychological harm to some people.
  • Improved employee-employer relationship; working conditions are an important consideration in keeping employees.

So if you have a rat (or other pest problem) please do call us on 01242 517237 or click on Action Pest Control. We really care about what we do and are actually pretty good at it too-please see our referrals!

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