Say Goodbye to House Spiders

10th August 2015

Sounds good doesn’t it? Not worrying about where the next one is lurking, running for the hoover or a shoe!

We might be able to help you, it’s not very well publicised that we can treat your home to rid it of Spiders.

The treatment consists of the use an insecticidal fog in the your house, including the roof space. Harmless to you and your possessions, the fog will kill anything that might be hiding in those hard to reach places; behind curtains, in cupboards, etc.

Next we paint a colourless, odourless insecticide around windows and spray a broad spectrum residual insecticide along the wall/floor junctions in an effort to prevent any new arrivals.

Now, unfortunately, due to the nature of our homes, and the spiders ability to enter the house from many different places we can’t offer any guarantees. However, in our extensive experience, this treatment could significantly reduce if not completely eradicate the number of spiders living in your home.

Prices vary depending on the size and type of property and we can offer discounts for repeat treatments and help you build a plan to keep your house spider free all year round. Talk to one of our team now and find out how we might be able to help you.

We do appreciate that some people don't mind spiders, but by the same token, some people are terrified by them, and these are the people we are trying to help.

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