26th January 2015

We have noticed a significant increase in the amount of rat activity in the lead up to Christmas and since.

There are some very good reasons for this:-

  • The UK had an extremely mild winter last year and this enabled healthy rats to breed through the winter and allowed the infirm ones to carry on living rather than die off.
  • This winter has been colder (so far) This has meant that rats are looking for warmer drier places to live. The upshot here is that the rats find living with us better than the hedgerow! Cant say I blame them!

So what can you do to help prevent rats?

First thing is why have they been attracted to your place? If you feed the birds (essential) and have a compost heap (good idea) you are providing a food source and with a compost heap-warm shelter.

Do feed the birds but make sure there isn't loads of waste food left on the ground. If the birds cant eat it all in one day you are putting out too much and just attracting the rats! Also try to put feeders right out in the open, this puts rats off as they will feel threatened.

With the compost heap try not to put cooked food in it and disturb the contents regularly as this will deter the rats. If you can put the bin on a hard standing this will also help as they wont be able to burrow into it.

Check around the outside of your house and make sure there are no gaps in the walls. Any hole larger than a 50p piece could potentially allow rat through!

Follow this link to read about rat control in South Georgia as a professional I would have loved to have been asked to do this job!


If you have rats don't hesitate to call us on 01242 517237 we have a team of professionals waiting the help you!

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