Giant spiders as big as ‘mice’ in our homes? The Truth

23rd August 2015

Ok so there have been a few reports, mainly in the tabloids, about huge spiders invading UK homes to avoid the wet summer.

When we saw that the BBC deemed this article newsworthy and factual enough, we thought it was time to give you our thoughts.

How big are they?

House spiders can grow up to about 12cm. But just because it’s been a hot, wet summer doesn’t mean they’ve all genetically mutated into giants. At worst the warm summer means they’re all a bit plumper than usual.

Are there really more of them this year?

Yes, from our experience it does appear so. We’ve seen a few exceptionally big examples already this year. The warm summer has probably allowed the spiders to thrive.

Are they really wandering around looking for my house?

Well, it is mating season, so the males (that are considerably smaller) may well be looking for a mate. I’m looking out the window now at the pouring English summer rain and know where I’d rather be if I was a spider.

Are they really aggressive?

Ok this isn’t the 1990 classic film Arachnophobia. It can be said that House Spiders are usually less timid that many other species but generally speaking they are terrified of you. They can run very quickly and appear to move erratically which could be interpreted as aggression. Generally speaking, they have no interest in you at all.

Will they lay hundreds of eggs in my house?

Um, yes. But, only a handful of those will make it as spider-lings and even fewer as adults.

Do they bite?

Again, yes. As with all spiders, they have fangs, and at this size they are big enough to pierce through human skin.

However they are not venomous and so it’s not going to do you any lasting damage.

Can you save me?

We can help you take some steps towards a spider free home. As documented in an article we wrote a little while ago (

), whilst there are no guarantees, our methods have shown in many homes to reduce or even eradicate the number of spiders.

Now is the time to act so that we can protect the usual entry points for house spiders before they find a way in.

Give us a call today on 01242 517237 to find out more about our anti-spider services.

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